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DII Contact Information

Below are the different brands offered by Desco Industries Inc and the brand manager contact information for the respective brand.  Each brand offers different terms and conditions. 

Desco –  Full service line of ESD solutions.  Manufacturer of items including wrist straps, foot grounders, shielding bags, floor finish, ionization, and test equipment.

          http://www.Desco.com/                                  Customer Service - 909-627-8178

          Brand Manager – Jeffry Brake

SCS –  SCS is the new name for 3M Static Control. The product line was acquired by Desco Industries Inc. in January 2015. SCS is a Static Control Solutions provider of ESD control products: Wrist Straps, Foot Grounders, Matting, Floor Tile, Smocks, Gloves, Ionization, Shielding Bags, Testers & Monitors, Tape, and Static Management Programs. SCS primarily manufactures Static Control Products in our Sanford, North Carolina facility.

          http://www.StaticControl.com/                                  Customer Service - 919-718-0000

          Brand Manager – Cheryl Uresti

Menda – Manufacturer of specialty tools for any workstation including our world famous dispensing bottles. We now also have a broad range of badge holders and accessories.

          http://www.MendaPump.com/                      Customer Service - 909-627-2453

          Brand Manager – Daniel Wu

Menda-ID – Broad offering of Vinyl ID Holders made in our Chino, CA facility. One of the only US manufacturers for these types of products which allows us to provide shorter lead times and smaller quantity runs for customs. We also have various ID Accessories to complete the offering.

          http://www.Menda-ID.com/                      Customer Service - 909-627-2453

          Brand Manager – Daniel Wu

MendaTools.com Specializing in benchtop assembly tools.

          http://www.MendaTools.com/                         Customer Service –909-627-2453

          Brand Manager – Daniel Wu

Protektive Pak – Manufacturer of static dissipative corrugated and conductive fluted plastic products including bin boxes, circuit board shippers, In-Plant Handlers and ESD material handling solutions.

          http://www.ProtektivePak.com/                     Customer Service -909-627-2578

          Brand Manager – Norma Nahale

EMIT – ESD process controls solutions.  Manufacturer of items including personal grounding monitors, ionization products, and ESD test equipment.

          http://www.DescoEMIT.com/                         Customer Service – 909-664-9980

          Brand Manager – Jeffry Brake

CMG – capacity manufacturing/selling arm of DII.  Includes custom non-ESD related items, imported ESD products, and NoStat® branded products.

          http://www.CMG-Sales.com/                         Customer Service – 909-627-9634

          Brand Manager – Chris Haas

Vermason - As the principal manufacturer of ESD products in Europe we continue to offer complete solutions to the electronics industry.
            http://www.Vermason.co.uk/                       Customer Service – +44 (0)1462 672005

            Sales Manager – Vaughan Callan
            +44 (0) 7900 050220

Charleswater – Full range of ESD solutions for the European market, including shielding bags, wrist straps, foot grounders, floor finish, ionization, and test equipment, manufactured in our USA and UK facilities.

            http://www.Charleswater.co.uk/                   Customer Service - +44 (0) 1892 665313

            Brand Manager – Steven Burns
            +44 (0) 7832 989463

DescoAsia.com ESD Protective products for the Asian market.

          http://www.DescoAsia.com/                         Customer Service – +81 43-309-4470

          Sales Manager – Matt Bode

DescoAsia.co.jp ESD Protective products specifically for the Japanese market.

          http://www.DescoAsia.co.jp/                         Customer Service – +81 43-309-4470

          Sales Manager – Matt Bode

SpecialTeam Medical Services An FDA registered and ISO 13485:2003 certified full service Medical Device Contract Manufacturer, located in Yorba Linda, California. Provides turnkey manufacturing, testing, assembly, packaging, sterilization and validation services for a multitude of sterile and non-sterile medical devices for the medical device industry.

          http://SpecialTeam.com/                         Customer Service – 714-694-0348

          Manager – Cledale Williams