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Company Profile

Originally incorporated in 1956, Delta Electrical Specialty Company (DESCO) manufactured and sold a continuity/voltage tester called the Circuitracer™. In 1979 the parent company of Desco Industries, Inc. (DII) was established. DII now consists of brands including Desco, Desco Asia, Menda, Protektive Pak, SCS, Statguard Flooring, Charleswater, and Vermason. The same basic design used for the original Circuitracer is still manufactured today and is offered through the Menda brand.

DESCO INDUSTRIES, INC. (DII) has expanded its inventory and manufacturing locations to include one in Japan, two UK locations, and eight locations in the United States of America. The SCS brand also maintains a sales office in Singapore. The core product groups manufactured by DII are for ESD control in electronics manufacturing areas. These product groups include bags, wrist straps, worksurface and floor matting, laminates, foot grounders, smocks, gloves, flooring, ionizers, data acquisition, continuous monitors, testers, tape, dispensing bottles, document holders, specialty tools, and other workbench accessories. DII also manufactures non-ESD products including chemicals, grounding, personnel identification, material handling, and training products. In addition, we have full capabilities to manufacture custom products to customer specifications.

DII has grown through the development of new products and the acquisition of companies that fit within our business model. A worldwide network of distributor partners provides local end user support for our products. Customer service groups are available for technical and other inquiries.

The sun never sets on Desco Industries, Inc.

DESCO - Desco.com
Desco primarily manufactures ESD control products in facilities in Chino, CA; Canton, MA; Miami, FL; Sanford, NC; Rochester, NH; and Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK. Products are sold through stocking distributors and directly to the end user. A network of manufacturer's reps offers sales and technical support in most states. In addition, customer service personnel handle worldwide inquiries and sales.

Included within the Desco brand are ESD Systems.com and EMIT.

ESD Systems offers products for ESD control used in the electronics production industry. Products offered by ESD Systems include vacuum sealers, floor mats, aisle marking tape, gloves, sticky mats, ionizers, workstation monitors and ESD audit equipment. ESD Systems products are available through distributors, resellers, and direct.

EMIT manufactures ESD control products including monitors, ionizers, testers, verification equipment and software for ESD Control Plan management. EMIT's products are made in the USA at Desco Industries, Inc. locations. EMIT’s products are available through distributors, resellers, and direct in the US.

APR - APR-Rework.com
APR offers a product line of convection rework machines used to remove and install complex surface mounted devices such as BGA, CGA and QFN. Desco Industries Inc acquired the product line from OK International / Metcal in January 2018. APR machine models include the Scorpion, Scarab and APR-5000 series. All APR products are manufactured in Chino, CA and serviced by MENDA.

BeauTech - BeauTech.com

Beau Tech, acquired in 2021 and offered under the MENDA brand, is a US hand tools manufacturer that provides quality tools including MilProbes, Soldering Aids and Spudgers for applications relating to the repair, rework, R&D, testing and assembly of electronic components and printed circuit boards.

DESCO ASIA - DescoAsia.com
The Desco Asia brand was created to serve the Asia market. We set up a sales and stocking facility in Yachimata City, Chiba, Japan to provide faster delivery of products. We designed a website in Japanese to better serve that market: DescoAsia.co.jp

DESCO EUROPE - DescoEurope.com

Charleswater, originally located in W. Newton, MA, was acquired in 1990. After several years of offering both Desco and Charleswater products in the US, Charleswater was set up to be the leading brand in the UK with the acquisition of Conductive Products in 1998.

Vermason was a manufacturer of ESD protection products and was founded in Letchworth in 1979. In April 2007 Desco Industries, Inc. of Chino California acquired 100% of the shares of Vermason Ltd. With this acquisition Vermason became a division of Desco Industries, Inc.

Today, as Desco Europe, we retain our manufacturing capability in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, with sales and administration being split between Letchworth and our Crowborough, East Sussex office.

Desco Europe sells the full range of DII products, manufactured in our facilities in the USA and UK, servicing the European market via trained distributors who will sell the Desco Europe value package and complete ESD solution to all ESD users in their territory, leading with hi-end solutions that mark us out from the competition.

Desco Europe’s UK-based inventory coupled with that of our distributors means that we are in a unique position to support our Customers across Europe no matter what their needs.

MENDA - MENDATools.com
Originally MENDA Scientific Products, MENDA was acquired in 2000 and first focused on push-down dish type liquid dispenser pumps and bottles. The one-touch dispensing pumps are widely used in beauty, electronics assembly, clean room and medical applications. The MENDA product line has greatly expanded to include workbench tools and accessories to improve workplace and product assembly efficiency. Products include vacuums, sewn products, personnel identification badges, tool storage and more.

EasyBraid, acquired in 2017 and offered under the MENDA brand, is a manufacturer of supplies and equipment used in the PCB assembly industry. EasyBraid delivers a complete solution to quality inspection and repair/rework needs. EasyBraid’s desoldering braid is manufactured using environmentally safe chemicals and processed in our Minnesota facility. It is made of clean, oxide-free copper and contains increased surface area (more copper) per square inch, for economical and consistent results. We also offer a wide range of products that include stencil rolls and solder soakers. In March 2022, Desco Industries acquired the product assets of WickGun™ from Xuron Corporation. The WickGun™ and replacement braid will now be sold under the brand name, EasyBraid within Desco Industries.

Beau Tech, acquired in 2021 and offered under the MENDA brand, is a US hand tools manufacturer that provides quality tools including MilProbes, Soldering Aids and Spudgers for applications relating to the repair, rework, R&D, testing and assembly of electronic components and printed circuit boards.

The acquisition of CVinyl Products in 2009 enabled DII to domestically manufacture a full line of ESD and non-ESD vinyl products for the ID market and other document protection applications. Formerly known as MENDA ID, key products include binders, sheet protectors and badge holders. Due to the excellent durability, flexibility, and performance of vinyl, custom products can be created and used in many different applications including packaging, storage, identification, workplace safety products and more

Originally MENDA Scientific Products, MENDA was acquired in 2000 and first focused on push-down dish type liquid dispenser pumps and bottles. The one-touch dispensing pumps are widely used in beauty, electronics assembly, clean room and medical applications.

This website services the beauty industry with MENDA liquid dispensers, and tools for nail technicians, makeup artists, and estheticians. The MENDA liquid dispensing pumps and bottles are convenient push-down dish type dispensers commonly used for dispensing acetone, alcohol, acrylic monomer, brush cleaner and other liquids with the light touch of a brush, orange-stick, or other applicator.

ProNET - proNet.com
On August 2023 Desco Industries Inc of Chino, California acquired the assets of proNet. proNet is an ISO 9001 certified company that provides manufacturing outsourcing services and engineering support and design.

PROTEKTIVE PAK - ProtektivePak.com
Protektive Pak is a manufacturer of ESD Packaging Solutions, including a unique impregnated, static dissipative corrugated material, conductive Plastek™ products, thermoforming, and ESD foams. The Protektive Pak line of ESD containers and material handling began in 1989 and was acquired from Brick Container Corporation by Desco Industries, Inc. (DII) in 2002.

The Protektive Pak line has grown into one of the world’s largest selection of stock static dissipative corrugated items. With new innovative designs and an ever expanding product line, our uncompromised quality and service help ensure that Protektive Pak is the standard by which other companies are measured. Rely on Protektive Pak for a wide range of ESD material handling and packaging products to protect your products from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), and from physical and shock damage.

SCS - StaticControl.com
On January 2, 2015, Desco Industries, Inc. of Chino, California purchased the assets of the 3M Static Control business, thereby creating the largest manufacturer of Static Control products in North America. This purchase led to the creation of Desco Industries newest brand, SCS.

SCS offers a full line of static control products. SCS is a vertically integrated manufacturer that spans from raw materials to finished products, providing unique control over the supply chain, product development, manufacturing, and quality management. SCS has the broadest range of static control shielding and barrier bags as well as a comprehensive Static Management Program (SMP). SCS Static Management Program (SMP) uses a system of test equipment and software to monitor ESD control compliance in real-time, designed to improve the customer's product quality, production yields, and reliability.

SPECIALTEAM - SpecialTeam.com
Formerly Special Team Medical Services, SpecialTeam is an FDA registered and ISO 13485:2003 certified full service Medical Device Contract Manufacturer, located in Yorba Linda, California. SpecialTeam began operations on September 1, 1996 and was formed by a proven management team from the medical manufacturing industry.

SpecialTeam provides turnkey manufacturing, assembly, packaging, testing, validation, and sterilization services for the medical device industry. We have approximately 2,000 square feet of certified clean room manufacturing with additional space for expansion suited to customer requirements. The clean rooms are compliant with ISO 14644-2: 2000 and ISO 14644-3.

Clients can rely on SpecialTeam to perform all activities required to introduce their products to market, including procuring materials/goods/services from established supplier networks to drop shipping your product. ISO 13485:2003 Certified | FDA Registration #2032092 | Quality System based on ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008

STATGUARD FLOORING - StatguardFlooring.com
Statguard Flooring’s focus is ESD Flooring Products. We manufacture a complete line of ESD Floor Care Products at our Canton, Massachusetts facility. Our ESD floor care products include: Statguard floor finish, low VOC floor finish, floor stripper, floor neutralizer, floor cleaner, spray buff and burnishing restorer.

Statguard Flooring’s resilient flooring products include; ESD vinyl tiles, rubber tile, rubber rolls, carpet tile, conductive adhesives and ground strips. Statguard Flooring also offers conductive epoxy and conductive paint solutions. Our resilient flooring, epoxy, and paint are all manufactured in the United States and other locations in North America.

Statguard Flooring products are sold worldwide and are available through our Flooring Master Distributors, Reseller / Installers, Maintenance Supply Distributors (MSD) and Building Service Contractors (BSC). Statguard Flooring Products are available for direct purchase by customers with the capability to install the product in house.

Tronex - TronexTools.com
July 15, 2019 - Fairfield, California Desco Industries Inc of Chino, California has acquired the assets of Tronex Technology Inc. The operations will continue in the USA at the Fairfield, California facility under the Tronex brand, along with its highly skilled employees with over 100 years combined experience.

Established in 1982, Tronex Technology, Inc is a designer and manufacturer of precision hand cutting tools and pliers, in addition to offering wire strippers and tweezers.

Tronex strives to deliver a complete solution to quality inspection and repair/rework needs.

Located near California’s Silicon Valley, Tronex initially developed products specifically to meet the demanding needs of the region’s high tech electronics industry customers. Over time Tronex has expanded its customer base and expertise beyond the electronics industry and has become an important supplier to customers in a variety of industries all over the world.

Tronex precision hand tools are now preferred by users in sectors including electronics manufacturing, medical device manufacturing and jewelry making. These tools are distributed within all leading industrial countries of the world. Examples of Tronex’s many customers include: printed circuit board manufacturers in Germany, medical device manufacturers in China, aerospace companies in England, defense electronics companies in Japan and telecommunications companies in Mexico.

US Toyo Fan - USToyoFan.com
US Toyo Fan is a value-added manufacturer of AC and DC fans, special application fans, and fan accessories for thermal control of electronics and related assemblies. Based in Irwindale, CA, US Toyo Fan stocks a wide variety of fans and accessories available for immediate shipment. US Toyo fan has been acquired by Desco Industries Inc.