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Costly Effects of ESD

When you feel a static shock, you are experiencing a minimum of 3,000 volts of electricity.  This "shock" known as Electro Static Discharge or ESD also may be responsible for damaging many of the rejected electronic components in your company.

While you can feel electrostatic discharges of 3,000 volts, smaller charges are below the threshold of human sensation. Unfortunately, smaller charges can and do damage semiconductor devices. Many of the CMOS technology components used in your facility can be damaged by charges of less than 1,000 volts. Some of the more sophisticated components can be damaged by charges as low as 10 volts. You should be aware of the relative sensitivity to ESD damage of devices you may be working with.

As electronic technology advances, electronic components tend to become smaller and smaller. As the size of the components is reduced, so is the microscopic spacing of insulators and circuits within them, increasing their sensitivity to ESD. As you can predict, the need of proper ESD protection increases everyday.