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Company Profile

Originally incorporated in 1956, Delta Electrical Specialty Company (DESCO) manufactured and sold a continuity/voltage tester called the Circuitracer. In 1979 the parent company of Desco Industries Inc. (DII) was established. DII now consists of brands including Desco, CMG, Desco Asia, EMIT, Menda, Protektive Pak, Smart Clock, Statguard Flooring, Charleswater, and Vermason. The same basic design used for the original Circuitracer is still manufactured today and is offered through the Menda brand.

DII has expanded its inventory and manufacturing locations to include one in Japan, two UK locations, and seven USA locations. The core product groups manufactured by DII are for ESD control in electronics manufacturing areas. These product groups include bags, wrist straps, worksurface and floor matting, laminates, foot grounders, smocks, gloves, flooring, ionizers, continuous monitors, testers, tape, dispensing bottles, document holders and other workbench accessories. DII also manufactures non-ESD products including chemicals, grounding, personnel identification, material handling, time and attendance, and training products.

DII has grown through the development of new products and the acquisition of companies that fit within our business model. A worldwide network of sales representatives provides local end user support for our products. Customer service groups are available for technical and other inquiries.

The sun never sets on Desco Industries Inc.

DESCO - www.Desco.com
Desco primarily manufactures ESD control products in facilities in Chino, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Canton, MA; Miami, FL; Rochester, NH; and Letchworth, Herts, UK. Products are sold through stocking distributors. A network of manufacturer's reps offer sales and technical support in most states. In addition, customer service personnel handle worldwide inquiries and sales. There are several brands now integrated into Desco:

EMIT - www.DescoEMIT.com
EMIT was created in 2003 to address the market for high-end ESD control products of monitors, ionization, testers, and data acquisition. Some of the Semtronics technology is incorporated in EMIT products.

MENDA - www.MendaPump.com
Menda was acquired in 2000 and was originally Menda Scientific Products. The focus was on pumps and pump bottles. We have now greatly expanded the Menda product line to include small workbench tools for the electronics industry, vacuums, sewn products, personnel identification badges, and more.

MENDA BEAUTY- www.MendaBeauty.com
This website services the beauty industry with specific products.

MENDA ID- www.Menda-ID.com
The acquisition of CVinyl Products enabled us to manufacture a full line of ESD and non-ESD vinyl products for the ID market and other document protection applications.

MENDA TOOLS - www.MendaTools.com
Menda Tools was created to bring all the benchtop assembly tools that were originally part of Desco to a dedicated site. Together with the addition of many new tools, Menda Tools is a valuable source for electronics workbench assembly operations.

SMART CLOCK - www.SmartClock.com
Smart Clock was acquired from Coastal Data Products in 2008. Time and Attendance Solutions provider. Smart Clock is a manufacturer of turnkey Time and Attendance Systems including various time clock hardware and software solutions.

PROTEKTIVE PAK - www.ProtektivePak.com
Protektive Pak was acquired from Brick Container in 2002. This gave us the capability to manufacture a complete line of ESD corrugated boxes, containers, and related products.

NEW! SCS - www.StaticControl.com
On January 2, 2015, Desco Industries, Inc. of Chino, California purchased the assets of the 3M Static Control business, thereby creating the largest manufacturer of Static Control products in North America. This purchase led to the creation of Desco Industries newest brand, SCS.

CMG - www.CMG-Sales.com
CMG (Custom Manufacturing Group) is the capacity selling arm of DII. CMG was started in 1998 and its focus is custom-made specialty products that can be manufactured in the various DII facilities.

CHARLESWATER - www.Charleswater.co.uk
Charleswater, originally located in W Newton, MA was acquired in 1990. After several years of offering both Desco and Charleswater products in the US, Charleswater was set up to be the leading brand in the UK with the acquisition of Conductive Products in 1998. The Charleswater facility is located in Crowborough, East Sussex, UK and sells the full range of DII products.

VERMASON - www.Vermason.co.uk
Vermason was acquired in 2007. Located in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK, Vermason manufactures a wide variety of ESD control products. Sales are made worldwide through an international network of distributors.

DESCO ASIA - www.DescoAsia.com
The Desco Asia brand was created to serve the Asia market. We set up a sales and stocking facility in Yachimata City, Chiba, Japan to provide faster delivery of products. We designed a website in Japanese to better serve that market www.DescoAsia.co.jp

SpecialTeam Medical Services - www.SpecialTeam.com
SpecialTeam Medical Services is an ISO registered contract manufacturer that provides assembly, packaging, sterilization and validation services for the medical device industry. We have approximately 2000 square feet of certified clean room manufacturing with additional space for expansion suited to customer requirements. The clean rooms are compliant with ISO 14644-2: 2000 and ISO 14644-3.